Running Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions… or running resolutions…. My resolution for the new year is to run more. In 2009, I trained and ran the San Francisco Nike Marathon – yes all 26.2 miles! Soon after I got pregnant and put running on the back-burner. My little daughter is now 2 months old and things have settled down. Now I am missing the pavement and want to start training for something – anything again.

I have the lucky opportunity to join the Team in Training running dates whenever I can. Just this past weekend, I was able to join them and hit the Campbell Park trail. This was my first time to run outdoors since the marathon and that was a little over a year ago! I was definitely nervous to join them knowing everyone else was planning on running 7+ miles. I told myself, just start off slow and go for 1 mile, maybe push it to 2.

Saturday comes. Alarm clock goes off. Running shoes are tied. Heart is pounding. I knew my pace would be slow and I wouldn’t last long, but at least I dragged myself out there. I pressed “start” on my gps watch and off I went. The first 1/2 mile was tough. I kept wanting to stop but I pushed myself to keep going. I knew once I saw the bridge, I was at the mile-marker and it was my planned point to turn around, but I kept going. I told myself, just a little more- just a little more. Well, those “little mores” added up! Before I knew it, I ran 2 miles out! I made a U-turn and headed back. Even though my legs were getting tight, I ran the 2 miles back with a smile on my face. I accomplished this! It was a start! I ran 4 miles!

I sometimes forget how much I love running and how running makes me feel. It is my alone time. There’s no one crying for me to hook their train set back together. No one crying ’cause their diaper needs to be changed. It’s just me. It is my time to just hear my thoughts. Listen to the calming repetitive heart pound in my ears. Now I just need to find an event to sign up for and create an actual training plan.

What was your resolution? It’s not too late to still make one.

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